PLEASE! Can someone please tell me why Aubrie sleeps when I really don't want her to. And then if I do want her to there is not a hope for me/her/whom ever?! I try desperately for weeks, no. Months. Honestly two years now to figure out her sleep. Finally I gave up last week and decided she was done with naps. Suddenly sleeping beauty here can't keep here eyes open around 3:30pm! Why?!


Niki Carter said...

So frustrating! Rachel did the same thing! If you let the kid fall asleep she would be up until midnight! She still has weird sleep habits. If she falls asleep in the car we are all terrified! Good luck! She may have to have a nap every other day.

Heidi Allred said...

I love that she is still in that tutu!!! What a great GIRL!