Dunnings {Family}

Two wet kisses and..."we love you, good luck mom!". One is bright eyed and eager to spend a little more special time with dad (Deacon) and the other is teary eyed yet still trying to be brave (Aubrie). I tell them I have butterflies in my tummy for the job and they both climb me to give me extra good luck kisses! Feeling armed with their love I drove to the Dunnings. I arrive 30 minutes later to THE most fantastic yard. With swings and hammocks, a treehouse on the way, girl forts, and boy forts...it really was a little Never Land! The kids were so great and the night was so fun. Thank you for having me Carrie and Jeff.


Cheri said...

Incredibly your work just gets better and better. Beautiful mood, light and - like you said - great location. Sweet, sweet family.

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

love this series Eden! so pretty and organic.

Mike and Merin said...

Great pictures Eden! Love the feel.