Prendergast {Family}

Niel and Lyndi have five of the most amazing kids. First of all I feel in love with Mark when he showed up in black cowboy boots and cargo shorts, blond curly hair and those cute little blue eyes! Then there is the fact that the kids all play string instruments (wow). It was so fun to watch a full young family interact for the evening. At one point I asked Clara (the youngest) to give her mom a kiss. I blinked, and all the kids were trying to get a little action too! A beautiful family. A beautiful night. Thank You Prendergast Family!


H and E said...

Oh my I love them! I was so excited to see them after you told me about your fun idea with the canoe. I also especially love the guitar/ore ones with the boys, SO CUTE!
Good job!


fun shoot eden! you always have such creative ideas and beautiful locations! very fun!

day said...

Such a cool shoot Eden. Looks like it was a lot of fun!