Organizing your home

My mom taught a really great class yesterday about organizing your home. These were some of her points (and yes she lives by them!). For the class she had large posters of each of these. They looked so cute, I thought I should share. Feel free to use these as you like. I thought they would even be cute framed in a laundry room or kitchen. Enjoy!


Carissa said...

can your mom do a private seminar for jon? he's clean but such a hoarder... haha

H and E said...

I love that advice and usually try to live by it, but find myself occasionally throwing stuff in a closet to get it out of the way so it is such a good reminder!

paula said...

It seems me and your mama would be the best of friends. this is what I live by. I may need to print a few so the rest of the family can get on board. thanks!