Stibbard Family

I was in my early teens when we moved back from Japan to Vancouver. Then when I started High School (Grade 8) I got my first "real job". I worked at Capilano Suspension Bridge and really loved it. I was the youngest by a few years but I didn't mind a bit. It was during these impressionable years, working at the bridge that I met Cindy. I can't even tell you how cool I thought she was (she still is!). I wanted to do my make up like Cindy. Look as good in the uniform as Cindy. Climb mountains like Cindy...lol. One of the nicest people you will ever meet. Now a mother of two incredibly beautiful babies. I am so happy for you John and Cindy. You have such a beautiful family.

Lots of love,


Cheri said...

Eden - I love them! You totally caught the Vancouver feeling. Not the blue sky sunny Vancouver but the misty rain kind of day that we all know so well there. Beautiful in it's own way. The kids are adorable and who wouldn't want to be like Cindy?! lol Great job.

Day said...

Wow Eden, so so good.

Jonathon said...

Awesome photos! Nice work. I love these photos. The grey of the sky and water is so beautiful and serene and calming. I love the one of Mitchell on the bed with his cars.

pieface said...

Oh my gosh. I still totally want to be like Cindy. Remember the time we went hiking up the grind with her and I didn't bring water and she totally like hoisted me half-way up the mountain? Yeah, she's my hero.
Totally cool picts Ed. Seriously.