Why is it that tears sometimes burn. When our soul hurts, why does our throat close up. When we have lost someone we love, why does it feel good to hurt for the loss of them. Its the reminder of how much they were loved.

I miss you Merin.



H and E said...

Love you and hope you can feel that. Yesterday I was thinking about when I was moving out of my apartment to our house in Calgary and I was sick pregnant and Merin came and helped me clean. We chatted and scrubbed my floor. She was an amazing woman and example.
I think my favorite part of this picture is the outie belly button, adorable!

maria lang said...

hugs to you. xoxo

Spencer and Laura said...

Oh Eden, I'm so sorry. Please know how much you are loved, by so many.

Jen said...

my heart hurts. you put your emotions so beautifully into words. she seems like such an amazing and lovely woman and she is clearly missed by you and others. thank you for sharing your life with us readers.

janet l moran said...

what a dear sister you are. Sending hugs to you Eden. What a blessing that you have so many images of your precious sister.