The beautiful thing about family is that no matter where they are you know that you are loved.

Kodak TX 400


Cheri said...

How fun to check your blog and find this surprise! I LOVE LOVE these pictures of us. And you are so right - we are blessed to have that feeling. Thanks for the reminder.
Love you tons.

Cheri said...

Just looking again - you are so beautiful.

pieface said...

Such fun shots Eden!! This makes me miss the whole Litchfield gang. Hope all is well with you.

H and E said...

I love your family so much!
I think family is the greatest thing in the whole world. There is nothing like the love of your family and it makes me who I am today.
That last picture is amazing, you are gorgeous!

Eden Lang said...

thanks Em:)
photo credit on the last two pictures goes to my sweet husband:)

thanks Day!

maria lang said...

your family is so beautiful - inside and out. and look at you! you are so stunning eden :)

Spencer and Laura said...

I love these pictures. You look beautiful.