...for Uncle Jonathon who feels he is too far and missing too much in Vancouver:) We miss you too!

Contax 645


Cheri said...

Yin and Yang and both so very beautiful. This is such a great picture.

Lisa said...

Jpnathon should probably hop a plane and come visit. There's a new little dance partner for him to meet! xoxo Josie!

Jonathon said...

These boys are so sweet! I love this photo. Thanks for posting. Theo's wampaku-ness is spilling off the screen and Kayden's gentle calm nature grounds it. Perfect Yin and Yang.

I wish I could get them all riled up like a good uncle would!


Jonathon said...

And Lisa, I can't wait to see the pictures of Joyce!! If you need a recommendation I know a GREAT photographer.

: )

Jessica said...

beautiful photo, eden! what sweet little dumplings!