Sunday mornings in our home are big breakfasts, baths, (often) happy noises and inevitably the last minute panic to get to church on time. It feels like I turn around to find the house in ruins. The table is full of dirty dishes and toys are scattered all throughout the house (how and why?). I find damp towels forgotten,  and the beds undone....but the kids are in their Sunday best and I know its all worth it. Only a few short hours later Sunday afternoons are calm and sweet.

Contax 645
I can't get enough black and white lately!


Cheri said...

These faces, your reflections - and the memories they evoke - make me smile. Hurrah for crazy Sunday mornings, sweet faces, and Sunday afternoons.

Love you.

Jamie said...

That sounds SO familiar!!!


i just ran out of black and white film, I really need to buy some more!!! sweet photo as always.

H and E said...

I can relate to this, my house can be perfect Sunday morning and when we run out the door to church it looks like a tornado went through it!!!
The first thing I thought when I saw this photo was, oh boy they are going to have their hands full with Aubrey...she is so stinkin gorgeous it is crazy.

Unknown said...

Haha! So perfectly true! How I love Sunday AFTERNOONS.
PS. I swear everyone in our ward here is on time... Except for us

Suzy Hicks said...

Glad I'm not the only one that leaves the house a disaster on Sundays:) At least you have three kids, I still only have one. I miss you, Eden! Your kids are incredibly darling (per usual) and I love scrolling through your blog. I love your pictures. xox.