My brother and I + our families in Montana 

I'm having so much FUN going through these photos! These kids are growing up much too fast! I know all kids do! Actually the years are speeding up on me too! lol. But I love growing older with my kids. They pretend that I'm not old yet, haha ohhh they are cute to me. So I will do my best to pretend with them;)

Cheers to all these beautiful faces above. I adore each and everyone of them.



Contax 645
Film photography


Cassandra Vance DeSanti said...

Ysa's floral shirt is the exact same fabric of Vera's backing on her quilt! �� And these photos feel like summer, I feel warmer just looking at them!

Cheri said...

These kiddos have grown so much - the time flies much faster than we think. As precious as these images and the memories they inspire are today, they will be so much sweeter as time marches on. Thank you for giving me hours and hours of joy - in the present and in recalling the past. xo