In Vancouver

This trip was really so much fun. Crazy busy, but really fun. We stayed with the Simpsons and that was the high light of the trip for my kids! In fact Aubrie was crying on the way home because she was "not finished with Vancouver yet!" And according to Aubrie, Murphy (the Simpsons Dog) was going to miss her too much!! We were able to see old friends and make new friends, visit the beach and even do a little shopping. I am so glad we were able to make this trip to Vancouver.


Anonymous said...

And to think it was snowing in Calgary when you were gone. That tree top adventure looks really cool and Aubrie looks like she is so big girl walking along the beach - what is happening?! she is still our 'baby', right?



H and E said...

Ooh that looks beautiful, I need to make it a goal to get to Vancouver!

Cheri said...

The beaches, Stanley Park, Capilano Suspension Bridge, the dog, the rain....it was a wonderful little adventure. And the icing on the cake was a dog that can high five! Once again, thanks for taking me along. And as always thanks for the great photos! Love them.

Anonymous said...

What luck that you found the only indigenous giraffes in B.C. Curious bunch they are. Oh and by the way I love trees. Just thought I would say that.

I'm with Emily I need to go to Vancouver.

Spencer and Laura said...

Great pictures, and I love that dog!! Can't wait to meet yours. :)