Broken film

It was such disappointment as I went through my film today. The film wasn't advancing as it should. I had a feeling as we shot with that old Yashica that something wasn't right. A total of four of twelve images were advanced properly. I suppose that's just how it goes sometimes.
But I had a really great time with you and your kids Hannah.



H and E said...

I don't know anything about film but I know that that is one cute litte girl!
I am sorry things didn't work out for you today, that was probably such a bummer!


mm that happens. To bad though. looks like it was an awesome little shoot. Did you get your hands on a light meter?

Cheri said...

Sad about the camera - but don't give up. This is such a sweet pic of Jane. I am excited to see your 'film adventure' develop. It will be a great for you to get back into it. You are soooooo good!

paula said...

blah, hate when that happens. such a cutie though!

Hannah said...

wow, the film looks really cool, is this with the yashica, or your old canon?

Eden Lang said...

this was the Yashica...but honestly, Jane kills me. she is so cute!