Evans Family
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37- Evans! This is one big family shoot and it was so amazing to see how beautifully they all worked together:)


Contax 645


Lydia said...

Wowza - what a beautiful family. Beautiful, natural, timeless portraits. And that first girl - her pale hair and dark eyebrows is a stunning combination (is it real?!).

Cheri said...

Amazing shoot Eden. I can't help but think that some of these moments you have captured will be treasured forever - I know I would love to have something like in my own albums for sure.

There is an honest feeling to these - of love and connection and joy.

Cheri said...
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Phoebe Evans said...

Love this!!
Thank you so much!!

Jamie said...

Those Evans know how to make beautiful babies! And you know how to shoot beautiful photos Eden!!!

Anonymous said...



Maria Lang said...

Only you could pull off a shoot this big. Beautiful images!